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 CHARLIE - 01/19/2007

The main room of the cabinTHE CABIN

The following was written by my grandfather, Bernard "Doc" deVries.

The site of what is now known as Milbern Cabin was first discovered from the lake side. T.A. Loveland, Mid and I had chartered a small launch and were cruising along the south shore of Lake Superior. The south shore is composed of high bluffs of red clay, rather uninviting in appearance. It is difficult to find a spot where access to higher ground can easily be attained. As we cruised along we noted we were approaching the mouth of a small river. Here the ground slowly sloped down to the lake and here we beached our launch. T.A. was the first to jump out into the shallow water, followed by Mid and myself. We stood for a minute looking at the unbroken sandy shore on which the waves were gently breaking. SawmillLake Superior was in a particularly sunny mood that day and gentle swells were approaching the shore and quietly receding. The sun was shining brightly and the whole scene was one of utter tranquility. We stood and gazed up and finally discovered an old trail leading up to the bank. We ascended this and found ourselves in a small clearing surrounded by large balsam trees. Click here to read the full story!It looked like an ideal site for a cabin and Middy exclaimed, “This would be an ideal spot to build our cabin, Bern.” I readily agreed and so did T.A. I recall there was one small balsam tree, perhaps 2 ½ inches in diameter, standing right in the center of the open spot. T.A. looked at it and said, “Mid, if this is where your house is going to be, you should cut down the first tree.” With that he handed her a small ax and Middy promptly felled the little balsam. This tree was soon followed by many others as the cabin was eventually built in this wild spot. This all took place in the summer of 1928.

For the entire story, read The Story of Milbern Cabin (PDF)

Northeast side

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