Welcome to my gallery on the Web. I've collected the best of some of my creative work here to display. I've been working with graphics and making Web sites for almost ten years, and have been playing and writing music my entire life. Feel free to look around. Thanks for visiting!
I run the Web operations for PowerScore®, a national test preparation company. I created and manage the company's Web site, applications, extranets and identity. I also create the company's advertising and other collateral materials. I have a lot of other Web site work I've done, too.
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In addition to the many graphics examples found in my Web work, I've also created print materials for newspaper and magazine advertising, book covers, Flash banners and other animations for Web sites, cards and posters for friends and family, and lots of other image oriented items.
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I have been an ersatz composer for many years. I like to think I can write anything in any style, and have a wide variety of influences, including jazz and classical. All of my tunes are instrumental and mostly intended for soundtracks. Your choice of streaming or downloading my MP3s.
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